zaterdag 20 oktober 2007

girlsnight continued at the bay

When we arrived at the Bay, there were even more girls there! and some guys as well of course...

girlsnight 1

it took me some time and effort to get up there (you can't see this: it's high) and this about the only time you will see me 'praying', Maria was the goal
puppy faces to get Kim and Daniel to acompany us to the bay, didn't work... you didn't see that one coming after seeing this right?! us neither...
our hall in alex seems so cool if you're there with a bunch of slightly tipsy girls, trust me!
weird faces number 1: flora, emilie, katarina, annika, sara and judith
weird faces number 2
smily faces number 1
smily faces number 2
flora up the chimney

sara ("me?!")and flora
our drinks
daniel (couldn't keep him away from 7 girls) sara, annika and judith

sara, katarina, annika, judith annika

our dearest flat 31...

My sincerest apologies for this incredible delay... It's been more than a week and some quite shocking things have happened in the meantime. As most of you will know and the pictures are a subtle hint of the occurrence, we had a little fire at our flat. This is how it goes...

Daniel was the only one in our flat last Tuesday afternoon - the rest of us were on campus very eagerly attending lectures. Daniel, being hungry again, decided to make toast. He left the toaster for 2 minutes and when he came back there were kinda flams coming out of the toaster! He tried the fire blanket and the fire extinguisher, but without much result. By then the room was filled with smoke so luckily Daniel got out as soon as possible after opening the kitchen windows.
When I returned from classes I saw all the people standing out while the fire alarm was going off, again! I just thought some stupid student set the alarm off by smoking (which happened like 7 times before!), but when I saw Daniel and he told me, it took a second to get it. Our kitchen was on fire! At first, honestly, I didn't really realise which consequences this would have. Daniel then told me he inhaled some smoke so we agreed he had to go to the ambulance. They checked him and eventually advised him to go to the hospital, just to make sure everything was ok. I decided to stay there and see what happened with our flat and wait for the other flatmates who were already informed. Emilie and Heleen arrived and after some time, the other students could go back to their rooms and we had to go to the reception for further information. They there told us we couldn't go back to the flat that night, so they gave us keys for another flat and asked us to take the most important stuff with us to pass the night and the next day. We went to flat 31 and went in to the kitchen... Needless to say, we were quite shocked. We didn't expect it to look like that (check the pictures): a part completely burned, ashes everywhere, horrible smell and a lot of things ruined. Luckily, our rooms were as we left them. Not even the smell got through, thanks to the annoyingly heavy doors in the flat. We took our stuff and curiously we went to our new flat 35. Unfortunately it was quite disappointing. The combination of a fourth floor flat with 2 new flatmates, small rooms with small windows, no food what so ever and the realisation that we would never be able to go back to our home, made this one of the first bad nights here in Aber. And without feeling ashamed, I must see tears was flowing. You'll never know what it feels like until you have a fire yourself. The worst part was that we were so used to this old flat, it was our flat, our home. And we had to leave it.

The next morning we went to the reception. They send us to campus. After a bit of moaning and nagging, the lady gave us a new flat. Flat 27, fourth floor at a different side of Alex Hall with one flatmate, a nice Spanish girl we already met. So we accepted this offer. We had to move all of our stuff before 5 pm though and it was 10.30 am at the time. We rushed home and started moving all of our stuff. So just to make sure you get this right: most of our stuff was at flat 31, second floor, building A; some stuff at flat 35, fourth floor, building A; new flat: flat 27, fourth floor, building B. Yes, as you can imagine, it was hell! I swear I went up and down the stairs 13 times. And I had to move as fast as possible since I wanted to make my first seminar of Classical Hollywood Cinema at 2 pm all the way up at Llanbadarn. My room was pure chaos. I hated it. Plus I missed 2 screenings and 1 lecture. When I came home I organised my room and got some more stuff from our burned kitchen, whatever we could still use. Of course we had to wash all the dishes and ... just everything! I was happy Friday passed.

Since then, we settled in some more. You could say that I'm used to my new flat now - except those 4 floors of steps, hope I'll get used to them soon. My room here is actually bigger than my other room, and I have a big bed now, bloody brilliant!

That's my most important news. We had some good parties this week, as always, with more and more new people. I will post some pictures later. And I couldn't stand certain temptations in the amazingly nice shops here.

Anyway, gotta go cook now, my turn tonight. We're having steak!
I'll talk to you soon, pictures are coming!

Big kiss and thanks for the reactions (Tine, I'll come and visit you and Francis as soon as I am back in Belgium, I'm curious :)!)

Camil - formerly known as Camille

vrijdag 12 oktober 2007

zaterdag 6 oktober 2007

pictures, pictures, pictures ...

what more can I say ...

I have been here for 2 weeks and 1 day, but it feels like ages, but in the best possible way. I feel at home in this flat, this town, this uni, this social life (=parties), this life tout court. that’s basically the most important thing I have to say, but a couple of days have passed so here’s the latest and more detailed update!

my loyal blog visitors will have seen the pictures from a great night at aber. again. they’re all pictures taking Tuesday evening/night. we started off by inviting Flora (Belgian VUB girl), Maarten (the dutch guy, he’s everywhere), Simon (local guy) and some Asian people, mostly Korean. Daniel is our middleman here, he introduced us to all these funny and sweet boys and girls, since Asians often hang out with other Asians and well… Daniel looks Asian! so we met Weeni, Ko-Un, Irene, Chris, Kim and Julie (I just know I wrote some of the names wrong but this is how you should pronounce them). we played a game that looks really easy, but don’t underestimate it, it’s so much harder than you think. (I’m not gonna explain it here, it’s called 1-2-7 for those who are still into those games, so the students amongst us!) the penalty was drinking a very treacherous mixed drink (oranje juice, beer and wine) and the shot was accompanied by a very amusing Chinese song. needless to say, the mood was set!

after everybody had had a minimum of shots, we went to… of course: the bay! to some of you it might sound so boring to go to the same place over and over again but seriously, it’s not! it’s just a great place and once you go there you see the same people - there’s a nice group of bay lovers. and we also got hooked, we are now part of that. plus, stella isn’t that expensive there!

so a bit later after we arrived, the army guys (you can see them on the pictures) arrived as well. and the fact that they dress up, that’s not exceptional either! you more than often see strange characters, it’s just what british do! I asked one of them: but why?! and he simply said: “else you always go out in the same normal clothes, that’s not fun.” but don’t worry, so far I don’t feel the urge to go along, but I’m afraid there’s no escaping, so some day… who knows?!
the night was again very successful, we want more!

Thursday emilie and I sat on the beach because the weather was so wonderful. it’s been great all week. today I went shopping for a new jeans ‘cause I have to many really warm clothes with me! and the coat I was so desperately looking for in Belgium: still haven’t worn it yet! Thursday evening emilie and I went out again, hehe. not so late this time, but I was a good night though.

Friday was quite a hasty and sometimes stressful day. first I spent an entire day from 11 am to 5.30 pm at Llanbadarn, the other campus of Aber Uni for my classes Classical Hollywood Cinema and American Popular Television. then I rushed to Penglais Campus for my very satisfying Contemporary Dance class. amazing how good it felt to dance again. I realised even more what I’ve been missing last year, the only year of my life without dance classes. so I’m very happy, a bit disappointed that I can’t take any more classes but they’re all on Friday so that’s a problem. then I rushed home again to cook a very nice meal again, my famous omelette. then emilie and me rushed to Rob’s place, a classmate, you see him on the pictures of Wednesday evening as well, he’s the ‘too cool’ guy, and now I might add ‘too funny’! seriously, thé most funny and surprising guy I’ve ever met! sorry for all my Belgian friends, but he’s number one now. and Rob was so kind to invite us to a house party where we met some more locals. and he made a very good remark: we can’t go back to Brussels after one semester!

I can already tell that saying goodbye of Aberystwyth is going to be one of the hardest things I ever had to do, although of course I miss people from home but… *sigh* it’s so wonderful here, what more can I say…

woensdag 3 oktober 2007

another great night at Aber

Drinking games with a lot of Asian people!
Kim, Irene and Chris (what's with the caps guys?!)
Julie and Maarten (the dutch guy, again! say one time 'free beer' and he comes running... noooo Maarten, just joking with you dutch people :) !)
belgian girls Flora and flatmate Heleen
My roomies emilie aka wingwoman and daniel aka dancer boy
again, the caps guys...
rob - the first class mate we met earlier that day and ran into later on - emilie and nadia - rob's flatmate
little me and daniel
julie - smile (not peace!)
me and maarten

rob, just too cool if you ask me
well hummm... remember the local guys we met on our first night out on Sunday? we seem to bump into to them all the time (at the bay!) and tonight they apparently decided to dress up army style... you see Emilie, Jake, Ryan, Jack and Steve
Ryan - army meets hawai

Jack who actually looked more like a turtle if you ask me

Steve and Emilie - yes, she got 'armied' too, as well did I but luckily no pictures available!
thanks everyone, again an amazing and great night at Aber!