donderdag 6 december 2007

back in belgië

just to let you all know, cause people constantly ask me: I'll be back in België on the 16th of December, probably at about 6 pm and I will be until the first week of January. I'm thinking about going back the 5th of so, it will depend on how much progress I made during the holidays on my essays and exam. I have a deadline on the 10th and the 16th, as well as an exam on the 16th. The very good news is, is that I don't have to leave the flat until the 26th! so emilie and sara and me are thinking about taking a little trip to ... Scotland perhaps? we'll see. anyway, I'll back be on Sunday, next week... *sigh* just to point out once more what I will be missing (amongst all the social features around here):

a random sunset in aber...

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